C/4 Hydrating Facial Scrub with Pink Clay and Almond Powder

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A maximum efficiency undiluted organic-certified and vegan face mask containing 73.40% of active natural ingredients.
Moisten your face then apply. Gently massage for a few seconds. Rinse thoroughly. Do not allow to dry.


Pink clay (a mineral), the smoothest of all clays, is a combination of white and red clay. Highly adapted to sensitive and reactive skins, it works like an astringent, purifier and natural stimulant for the skin.

This smooth regeneration of the skin works with the gentle and deep exfoliation by the powdered apricot kernel , and is combined with the perfect hydration brought by the high concentration of shea butter and vegetable oils (copra, argan and jojoba) - all organic, virgin and obtained by cold pressure.

50ml  1.69fl.oz

Scent: A very mineral smell coming from the concentration in clay, which doesn't last very long and doesn't remain after rinsing.
[Strong - Medium - Light]

Texture: Quite light and liquid for easy application, you can still feel the abrasive almond powder. It is recommended to shake before use in order to obtain consistency of the almond powder in the scrub.
[Thick - Medium - Light]