C/6 Soothing Cream with Camelina Vegetable Oil & Lavender Essential Oil - For Fragile Skin

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A maximum efficiency undiluted organic-certified face cream containing 59.65% of active natural ingredients.
Apply to your face and gently massage for a few seconds.


The high concentration of sweet almond oil, shea butter and beeswax gather to provide the essential moisturizing and softening effects any cream should provide.

The camelina oil delivers essential fatty acids (Omega-3) which deeply nourish and balance skin disorder, whilst lavender - in high concentration through floral water and essential oil - soothes skin sensitivity and provides freshness, comfort and calmness. 

50ml   1.69fl.oz

Scent: a "milky" smell which switches immediately to typical and relaxing lavender when applied on the skin.
[Strong - Medium - Light]

Texture: Quite light, it penetrates quickly in your skin thanks to its emulsion nature (similar to the skin's surface).
[Thick - Medium - Light]