Chaga Charging Powder

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Inner-balancing complete with the Siberian Chaga
The 100% Siberian Chaga Mushroom Extract Powder delivers the amazing vitality of a birch tree to provide fully revitalized skin and charges your life with flowing energy from the inside out.

How To Use

CHAGA TEA Mix in 1 packet of the product in water (500 ml or less) to drink, or sprinkle it on your favorite food such as yogurt.
CHAGA WASH-OFF MASK For moisturizing care, mix the product with CHAGA CHARGING DROP with a ratio of 1:1 and use it as a cleansing mask.
CHAGA FACIAL PADS Have a mini facial by soaking your skin before intensive care in dipping 1 packet of the product in water and wetting it with a cotton pad.
CHAGA SUGAR SCRUB Indulge your skin with nutrients and exfoliate dead skin cells by scrubbing with 1 packet of product + 1 tablespoon of brown sugar + appropriate amount of CHAGA CHARGING DROP.


100% Chaga Mushroom Extract Powder