Handle Mug

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Burnished clay technique, handmade by Pascuala Balderas of Reyes Menzontla, Puebla.

Pascuala and her family work with clay not only as a way of remaining connected with their ancestors’s traditions, but also as their main source of income.

Los Reyes Metzontla, a community located about three hours south of the capital of Puebla, Pascuala Balderas and her family have lived off the land for generations. Like many other people in this town, she learned how to work with clay from her mother, and now she shares the art of creating vases, jugs, pots and other pieces of clay with her daughter and grandchildren.

Size: H: 3/14 W: 6.5

Creator: Pascuala Baldreas
Country: Mexico
Community: Puebla
Technique: Burnished Pottery
Material: Clay