NODE_09 - Tequila Sunrise Edition

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The idea behind the “Node” modular light fixture system was to create a sculptural lamp that also functions as the base unit of a modular system to make pendants, chandeliers, sconces, and table lamps. “Node” is constructed in a way that allows for additions or subtractions of modules in all four directions, to alter the size and shape of the fixture as desired.

The system invites play, and can be hung on a wall horizontally or vertically as a sconce; in an arc or on an angle as a pendant, or set in place as a table lamp. This adaptability makes it marketable for both private and commercial projects.

Each Node module is made of a 18”x2.5”x1.3” brushed aluminum housing with blackened steel hardware, LEDs, and a flashed opal glass panel on each face. The glass panels are offset slightly from the LED strip with a metal washer, to create soft and omnidirectional light.


Dimensions:38 x 8 x 180cm