Petite Baume Rescue

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Ideal for your lips, face, body and hand skin, the Petit Baume (little balm) Rescue is perfect to slip in your bag, with a new whipped cream-like texture.


The Petit Baume Rescue’s exceptional concentration in aloe vera and shea butter, reinforced by apricot kernel oil and chondrus crispus powder, makes it an ultra moisturizing and regenerating companion for a daily or extreme use.

It is perfectly adapted for a skin tired or dried by exposure to the sun, cold, wind, pollution or hand sanitizers.

30ml   1.01fl.oz

Scent: A a very subtle and light smell of freshness.
[Strong - Medium - Light]

Texture: Like a whipped cream on your finger, it melts into a highly moisturizing and slightly oily texture when applied, and is then absorbed by the skin in a matter of minute. A pleasant and fun experience every time!
[Thick - Medium - Light]