Petite Baume Tonic

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Ideal for your face, body and hand skin, the Petit Baume (little balm) Tonic is perfect to slip in your bag, with a new whipped cream-like texture.


The Petit Baume Tonic’s exceptional concentration in shea butter and sunflower seed oil makes it an ultra moisturizing and regenerating companion for a daily use.

The bitter orange, grapefruit, peppermint and clove leaf essential oils gather to give you a distinctive tonic feeling both on your skin and for your mind.

30ml   1.01fl.oz

Scent: A delicately citrusy and minty, nicely reinvigorating smell.
[Strong - Medium - Light]

Texture: Like a whipped cream on your finger, it melts into a highly moisturizing and slightly oily texture when applied, and is then absorbed by the skin in a matter of minute. A pleasant and fun experience every time!
[Thick - Medium - Light]