Selene Wall Rug

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71 x 73
SELENE is a part of the Begum Cana Ozgur tufted rug collection designed to introduce tactile enrichment for the walls as well as the floor. They are calling for interaction with their softness and warmth. The material choice is a blend of wool and viscose. Wool brings in the warmth, whereas the pleasing shininess and softness of viscose calls for interaction to touch. The geometry of the abstract forms is followed by the direction of the radial gradient among colors, creating a distinctive mood. 

Named after the Greek Goddesses Selene and Eos, the forms become the avatars in the designer’s imagination. The collection offers the pieces both as wall rugs and area rugs.

Material blend can be customized as %25 or %100 wool, for floor rugs. The designs can be scaled to meet a custom size.