September Bouquet

September Bouquet

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Molly Oliver Flowers is a sustainable floral design studio based in Gowanus, Brooklyn. People, soil, and plants are the connective tissues of our work. The values of equity, inclusion, sustainability and loving kindness, illuminated in the natural world, are our inspiration. 

With an aesthetic bent towards the wild and untamed, MOF sources materials as locally as possible to produce singular, thought-provoking designs that reverberate the feeling of the season and occasion. As in nature, every year and every season affords the pleasure of sourcing something strange, remarkable and beautiful to behold. 

All flowers are sourced from small, family farms within 200 miles of NYC. All packaging is made from 100% recycled paper and is compostable!

Flower Care tips for customers:
Get bouquets to water w/in half hour of purchase
No flower food needed, but it doesn't hurt if you have it lying around.
Refresh their water every day, and trim ends 1/4" each day to ensure flowers are drinking well. 

Flowers in the bouquets this week:
Bronze Fennel
Frosted Explosion grass