Sun&Selene Luna Earring

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LUNA is the Roman goddess of the moon, parallel to the Greek goddess, SELENE. honoring her each cycle with a moonstone for the bright full moon and black onyx for the dark new moon.

-handcrafted in 14k gold fill / .935 silver with 5mm round onyx or turquoise or 2.5mm round faceted white topaz in an orbit of gold

-sterling silver posts with snug hypoallergenic backs

-black onyx: a strength giving stone to look ahead into your future and for support in difficult times. forming a connection with the whole to align your energy with a higher power. balancing yin & yang and bestow personal strength.

-turquoise: a stone to purify that helps to dispel negativity to protect the wearer. balancing, strengthening, and calming, turquoise unites earth and sky to enhance the connection with the physical and spiritual.

-limited series, no two gemstones will be exactly alike and will be unique to you

-embracing our light and dark sides