The Straight Vase

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The STRAIGHT vase measures exactly 20 centimeters in height and has a diameter of 9 centimeters. A thin layer of wax seals the vase for use with fresh flowers. Our commitment to the environment Unlike ceramic vases that require many kilowatt hours of electricity and pollute quite a few liters of water depending on the manufacturing process, we can produce a vase without using any water in the finishing process and with about 0.8 kilowatt hours of electricity consumption. Additionally, we source our PLA plastic from renewable sources and have one tree planted for every kilogram of plastic consumed. If the expensively purchased ceramic vase falls down due to carelessness, it is usually ruined. Our impact-resistant PLA plastic can withstand even the occasional fall from a height of up to 2 meters completely undamaged.

Made in Germany

Available in colors: Navy

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